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Bowie MD Dental Floss | Flossing Techniques | How to use Dental Floss

One of the questions that we ask every one of our patients is how often do you floss your teeth?  The most common answer we get is two to three times per week.  While we highly recommend flossing once a day (preferably at night after you have brushed your teeth), we want to give our patients some other uses for all that dental floss that they have lying around!

5 Simple Uses For Dental Floss

 1. Use unflavored dental floss to cut through cakes, soft cheeses, fresh baked bread, etc.  Simply wind the floss around your pointer fingers and use a slight sawing motion to get the perfect slice!

 2. Use dental floss to hang pictures, ornaments, and even wind chimes!  During the holiday season dental floss can be used to string popcorn together to decorate your Christmas tree by tying it to the end of a sewing needle!

 3. If you are ever camping and run out of fishing line, dental floss can be used as a perfect substitute!

 4. If you just took cookies out of the oven and need to serve them quickly, you can slide a piece of dental floss underneath of the cookie to prevent it from crumbling and put it directly onto your serving dish!

 5. If you ever have a leaky sink that is keeping you awake at night, tie a piece of dental floss around the faucet and make sure the floss is long enough to reach down into the sink.  The water will slide down the piece of floss ending the dripping noise!
Hopefully you are using your dental floss predominantly for cleaning in between your teeth, but we hope these few tips and tricks will be helpful to you in your everyday lives!


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